About Us

Packaged Tours are excursions or holidays where package includes a variety of services so as to make a combined trip. Professional tour operators combine things like transport, accommodation and meals. An additional feature of luxury is inserted in all components with an artful dexterity. Luxurious stay and traveling is assured worth value for money. They have wide assortment of tour packages, starting from Indian Tour Packages to Honeymoon Packages tailor-made for newly married couples. We have holiday resorts spread across the country from East to West and from North to South. All modern tour planning is well chalked out and executed with zeal and enthusiasm. Welcome to Agarwal Holidays to have a gateway experience. It is an urban luxury fantasy holiday desired by you and designed by us. The trip and stay will fulfill your extravagant and heartfelt wishes in a royal set up. You will experience the dream destination in your own way. Relax in the lap of lavishness and enjoy what we are offering during your travel and stay. Push you seat back and plunge yourself in the magical adventure centered on you and your traveling fraternity. It needs an inquisitive and appreciative eye to mark the unseen beauty of a destination. We arrest this extraordinariness for you. You can enjoy the in world’s most dazzling destinations in an inventive way.  Your dream destination is full with immeasurable treasures awaiting discovery. If you are in droll drums, your personal shopper will make the task easier. We have brought this specialized personal shopper service before you. Not only this, it is always preferred if somebody else capture your thrilling moments and you simple concentrate on style and attractive poses. We also have professional photography services customized for people like you. A story telling journey must end with surprise gift with a generous pinch of magic. 

For newly married couples, the journey of togetherness need a special beginning. We will be your sprite and take you to the trip with a heaven on earth. Every aspect of your journey opens up an incredible romantic revelation.  For aged couples, this is even more memorable to spend their time together cherishing their young age memories. Take your white haired sweet heart to the world’s most magical destination. Make every anniversary a memorable one worth cherishing. This friends-only flight promises to be remarkable. You can watch your heartfelt wishes coming alive in a breath taking larger than life destination. In case, your best friend is you only this journey will take you an out of the world experience.

We at Agarwal Holidays, sincerely believe that holidays are built around focusing on some essential features like individual preferences, choice, moods, taste and emotions. An experienced tour operator like us can simply turn any vacation or short trip into invigorating and hearty experiences. Our top priority has always been smooth and comfortable experience of our elite clients. Our basic yardstick is luxury services. Customers are served with a team of trained and diligent service professionals.


At Agarwal Holidays “Listen” and “Learn” are the two buzz words in our project. We pay sincere attention to customers’ needs and wants and appreciate and understand customers’ priorities of his dream destination. Our mission has always been to become a preferable travel partner of all the adventure seeking tourists’ from across the global. We drive the customers towards an adventurous and luxurious set up is provided during their overnight stay. Customized and tailor made services are offered by in depth destination and event management understanding.  All our travel products are most the appropriate and respectful to the local ethnicity and economically advantageous.  Our core values rotate around key words like trust, service, fun, quality, team work and luxury. Free cancellation, no hidden costs and all time service are some of our pioneering attributes.

Our first and foremost endeavor is to place you at the centre of Universe. It is only possible when we understand your travel objective very clearly. Then, we start penning your special travel story.  Our tour operators are there at your each step-from envision to returning home. Our greatest inspiration is to dissolve the boundaries of the world while displaying finest of culture and engagement. 


At Agarwal Holidays, another essential component of service “How” is discussed with clients, so that we can gauge the goals of an event trip through exchange of ideas. Recommendations are given in tune with the objective of the customers. We find relationship building as a useful tool for making customers revisit our holiday destinations. Our vision is not myopic and includes facilities like inspiring journeys, meeting, associations and noble incentivized trips. Our immersive experience and event outlook support clients’ tour objectives. Agarwal Holidays are a preferred brand among our travelers and enjoy a superior market positioning.